Ontario 49 Numbers

These are the latest live Ontario 49 Numbers plus past results from the previous six draws.

Saturday May 25th 2024
10 12 37 40 45 48 14

Next Jackpot
Wednesday May 22nd 2024
9 16 23 25 35 47 37

Saturday May 18th 2024
2 4 10 26 28 46 3

Wednesday May 15th 2024
10 12 16 29 33 43 46

Saturday May 11th 2024
2 10 33 35 36 46 49

Wednesday May 8th 2024
2 8 13 22 35 49 10

Saturday May 4th 2024
3 5 8 11 17 30 34

Ontario 49 is ON's own multimillion draw game features a fixed $2 million jackpot that you could win for just $1!

You can play Ontario 49 twice a week - drawings are held every Wednesday and Saturday. You can purchase tickets up to 10:30pm Eastern Time on draw nights. From 10:30-10:40pm, a draw break takes place and tickets are not sold during this time. After the draw break, you can buy tickets for the next draw.

How to Play

Ontario 49 costs just $1 per play for your chance at the $2 million jackpot. The fastest way to play is to ask the retailer for a Quick Pick. The lottery terminal will randomly choose 6 numbers from 1-49 and print your ticket.

To choose your own numbers, use a selection slip and mark the Ontario 49 box at the top. Then mark 6 numbers from 1-49 in one of the boxes, or boards, on the slip. You can play up to 10 times per ticket. Simply mark 6 numbers per board for each play.

If you're going out of town or want to avoid multiple trips to buy tickets, Advance Play is a convenient option. Play your favorite numbers for up to 26 consecutive weeks in advance (that's 52 draws). Just mark the Advance Play box on your selection slip along with the number of future draws you'd like to play.

Want more chances to win? Group play is a fun way for family, friends and colleagues to all join in the lottery excitement together.

Quickpick Packs are an easy way to play your favorite OLG games together. The $5 49 Pack includes one Ontario 49 ticket and one Lotto 6/49 ticket with Encore. With the $20 Super Pack, you'll receive one Ontario 49 ticket, two Lotto 6/49 tickets with Encore, two Lotto Max tickets with Encore, and one Lottario ticket.


Encore is a bonus game that can add an extra thrill to your Ontario 49 play. For an additional $1, you'll enjoy 22 ways to win and prizes up to $1 million. Ask your retailer to include Encore as part of your Quick Pick, or if you're using a selection slip, mark the number of Encore plays you'd like (from 1-10).

Win a cash prize if you match left to right, right to left, or a combination. The overall odds of winning any prize are 1 in 9.17.

How to Win

Six winning numbers plus one Bonus number are drawn twice a week. Match them all to win the $2 million jackpot! You can also win prizes in 6 other categories. Draws take place Wednesday and Saturday nights between 10:30-10:40pm Eastern Time. The overall odds of winning any prize are 1 in 6.6.

Combination Play

With Combination Play, you can win just like a regular ticket - with the bonus that with multiple sets of numbers, you have the chance to win more than one prize!

Five-, seven-, eight- and nine-number Combination Plays are available. You can buy tickets up to 10:30pm on draw nights.

Your ticket will show the numbers you've chosen (five, seven, eight or nine numbers) but not all the combinations - they are safely stored on the lottery computer.

Advance Play and Encore are also available with Combination Play tickets.

Below are the costs of the different Combination Plays:

How to Play "Combination Play"

You'll need the Lotto 6/49 - Ontario 49 Combination Play Selection Slip. Choose which game(s) you're going to play - Lotto 6/49, Ontario 49, or both.

Pick your numbers from 1-49. You can choose five, seven, eight or nine numbers. The lottery terminal will then generate combinations of six-number sets.

If you'd like to add Encore, mark the number of plays in the Encore box ($1 per play). You can play up to 10 times in one draw.

You have the option to play up to 10 draws in advance. Check the number of draws you want in the Advance Play box.

In each Ontario 49 draw, six numbers and one Bonus number are drawn. To win, match the numbers drawn.

Five-Number Combination Play

First, select five numbers from 1-49.  These five numbers stay the same in all combinations. The other 44 numbers are used as the sixth number in each set, for a total of 44 potential combinations.

For example, if you select 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 as your five numbers, then the 44 combinations would start:

... and so on for the remaining combinations. Your ticket will show the five numbers you selected. The combinations are stored in the lottery computer.

Seven-Number Combination Play

You'll pick seven numbers from 1-49, which are then combined to produce seven sets of six numbers each.

For example, if you select 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 as your seven numbers, then the seven combinations are:

Your ticket will show the seven original numbers you chose. The combinations are stored in the lottery computer.

Eight-Number Combination Play

To play, choose eight numbers from 1-49. They will be combined for a total of 28 sets of six numbers each.

For example, if you select 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 as your eight numbers, then the 28 combinations are:

... and so on until all 28 combinations have been generated. Your ticket will show the eight numbers you picked. The combinations are stored in the lottery computer.

Nine-Number Combination Play

To get started, choose nine numbers from 1-49. They will be arranged in sets of six numbers, for a total of 84 unique combinations.

For example, if you pick 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 as your nine numbers, then the 84 combinations are:

... continuing like this until all 84 combinations have been created. Your ticket will show the nine numbers you chose. The combinations are stored in the lottery computer.