Lightning Lotto Numbers

See the latest live Lightning Lotto numbers below, plus results from the previous six draws.

Tuesday May 28th 2024
26 28 31 45 47 15
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Monday May 27th 2024
5 10 14 24 32 43

Sunday May 26th 2024
12 19 25 29 43 3

Saturday May 25th 2024
28 29 32 38 49 44

Friday May 24th 2024
7 11 14 22 36 2

Thursday May 23rd 2024
10 16 21 34 39 35

Wednesday May 22nd 2024
5 11 28 35 37 42

Lightning Lotto is a rapid-fire draw game from Ontario Lottery and Gaming which gives you the chance to win prizes instantly.

It works differently to other games as the winning numbers are drawn before sales open at the start of each day. The jackpot begins at $125,000 and climbs until someone wins.

You can see the winning numbers before you take part, and then you can see straight away when you play whether your Quick Pick selection has won you a prize.

How to Play Lightning Lotto

Lightning Lotto has been designed to be quick and simple to play. All you need to do is visit an OLG retailer and ask for a ticket. For a $2 play, you receive three sets of numbers from 1 to 49.

These are all Quick Picks (random numbers) as you can’t choose your own numbers on Lightning Lotto. This is because the game has flipped the traditional lottery timeline on its head, with winning numbers selected before players purchase their tickets.

You can take part from 3:30am every day apart from Tuesdays, when sales open at the later time of 5:30am. The cut-off time for playing on a night is 11:58pm, and then a new set of winning numbers is generated between midnight and 1:00am for the following day.

You can purchase up to five Quick Picks per ticket (giving you a total of 15 chances to win), so the maximum you can spend on a single entry is $10.

As soon as you receive your ticket, you’ll be able to see how many of the winning numbers you have matched. If you’ve got all five, you win the jackpot, but you only need to match two to land a prize.

There are five different ways to win and all of the payouts are fixed amounts apart from the jackpot, which keeps growing from $125,000 until it is won. It can reset to its starting value at any time during the day if there is a winner.

Go to the Lightning Lotto Odds page to see the chances of winning in each category, plus the associated prize values. The Payouts page also shows the number of winners for the latest draw.